Thanks For Scheduling Your Evaluation


What you need for your appointment

If you haven’t already, please and send/bring a completed daycare application as well as your dog’s vaccination records.

Please keep in mind that we do require at least the first Canine Influenza vaccine before we are able to conduct an evaluation.

What will we be doing at the evaluation?

This one-time evaluation takes about 10 minutes and simply put, will consist of a series of planned exercises designed to test the dog’s potential for aggressive behavior while determining the current level of social development. We ask that you please make a reservation for this one-time evaluation on our reservations page.

In order to provide your dog the most positive first experience at The Dog Bark, it is strongly encouraged to schedule the evaluation as early as possible in the morning. It is far less intimidating for your dog to be one of the first dogs in the pack, rather than to walk into a room full of rambunctious dogs.

Assuming your dog passes this test, you are welcome to leave your dog in our care for daycare. If your dog acclimates well and is not fearful or stressed, we will move forward with our new pack member!

Have a burning question??

If you need to cancel, reschedule, or just have a question please call during business hours or send us an email.

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