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Leave your “furry child” in safe hands!


Safe, fun, educational and full of love!

Our goal at The Dog Bark is to provide your beloved “furry child” with an environment very similar to their home environment during the times you are unable to be with them; one that is safe, fun, educational and full of love. Each dog in our care has individual needs, strengths and weaknesses. At The Dog Bark, we treat each dog as a valued and individual member of our community. Safety and cleanliness are top priorities at The Dog Bark. All staff members have undergone training in pet care and are educated in pet first aid before they are allowed to supervise the dogs. Aside from stellar training, the members of our staff are the biggest dog lovers in town and will provide tons of snuggles. The Dog Bark utilizes positive reinforcement strategies to encourage good behavior.

Our Employees Care

We are only happy if you are happy and will work tirelessly toward providing you and your dog with an exceptional experience at The Dog Bark. We encourage you to provide any feedback you may have about your experience with us on our contact page, good or bad! We love to hear the good but we can’t improve our services if we do not receive constructive criticism so please let us know what you would like to see.

Friendly Team

We treat pets like family

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Why choose Petzone

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Your Crate

Some dogs are most comfortable in their own crates when away from home. Bringing your own crate is a great option if this describes your pup!


Kennel / Crate Boarding

Our kennels are first come, first serve and will be assigned based on availability. Once our kennels are booked, we next offer extra-large crates. All of our accommodations provide a safe, secure and cozy place for your pup to sleep. Kennels hold up to 4 dogs and crates hold 1 large or 2 small dogs, maximum. If you are booking multiple dogs and we have only crates left, we will assign each dog his or her own crate. If you wish to have them stay in the same crate, please add this request in the Questions/Comments field on the next page. If your dog isn’t crate-trained, please give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss available options.